Day of the Dead Salsa Spice Blend

Where does all that flavor come from?

When creating Day of the Dead Salsa, I played with a variety of herbs, spices and seasonings to drum up the perfect taste to accompany the citrus notes of the salsa. This taste soon grew famous, with many people craving it and wanting more. The flavor received so much attention, I decided to customize the spice blend for anyone seeking that same taste at home.

Day of the Dead Salsa Spice Blend is used by us each week in the salsa we prepare. Take the opportunity to re-create the original blend of the perfect taste by using our salsa recipe below!

Day of the Dead Salsa

·       5lbs diced tomatoes
·       1lb diced red onions
·       1/4lb diced jalapenos - remove seeds for less heat
·       5oz water
·       4.5oz lemon juice
·       4.5oz lime juice
·       4oz diced green chilies
·       3.5oz day of the dead salsa spice
·       1.5oz cilantro
·       1oz garlic

After dicing fresh vegetables, mix together with remaining ingredients. Flavors will meld together as it sits. Refrigerate to maintain freshness. Salsa will last up to 3 weeks.

3.5oz Day of the Dead Salsa Spice Blend