My name is Jenilee Schleusner, and I am the creator of Day of the Dead Foods, LLC. I started this business because of my love for fresh, flavorful food. Homemade salsa and guacamole have always been my specialty. I love mixing different spices with fresh produce to bring out the best flavors possible!

My background in cooking starts at a very young age. I spent many hours watching my grandma bake and make wonderful home cooked meals. Her love for feeding others and making people happy with her food definitely rubbed off on me. My father carried on this passion for cooking throughout my childhood by setting an example of using fresh grown produce and farm to table products in his cooking.

The Mexican flare in my products comes from my mom's side of the family. I am part Hispanic and have always tried to follow my heritage in the meals I create. My mother is an outstanding cook, and I dedicate a majority of my knowledge in the kitchen and with Hispanic influenced dishes to her.  

My life as the Owner of Day of the Dead Foods, LLC is nothing short of amazing! I get to play with food and be in the kitchen as much as I want. I am continually developing new recipes and products, so be on the lookout for exciting new items to try!

My family consists of my husband, Luke, who coaches Tight Ends at South Dakota State University, our 14 year old son, Dylan, who is active in sports and car racing, 2 cats; Keiko and Tigger and a dog named Obi. I also have a slew of past and present football players who I now get to follow on Sundays, feed in my home and care for as my own.